Betty Yu selected as 2015 Cultural Agent of the U.S. Department of Arts & Education

The US Department of Arts & Culture (USDAC)'s Cultural Agents are selected from a nation-wide open call. Their first mission? Enacting the USDAC at a local level by hosting Imaginings—vibrant, arts-infused gatherings which bring together a diverse cross-section of neighbors to 1) envision their towns and cities in the year 2034 when the full transformative power of art and culture has been integrated into the fabric of society, and 2) to identify ways to get there, harnessing latent artistic talent and local cultural resources.

While each Cultural Agent organizes in his/her own community, each cohort also works together to help spark a larger national conversation around cultivating the empathy and imagination we need to create a future we wish to inhabit.

Full List of the 2015 Cohort of Cultural Agents

More about US Department of Arts & Culture (USDAC):

The U.S. Department of Arts and Culture (USDAC) is the nation's newest people-powered department, founded on the truth that art and culture are our most powerful and under-tapped resources for social change. Radically inclusive, useful and sustainable, and vibrantly playful, the USDAC aims to spark a grassroots, creative change movement, engaging millions in performing and creating a world rooted in empathy, equity, and social imagination. 

The U.S. Department of Arts and Culture is an action network of artists and cultural workers mobilizing creativity in the service of social justice. Locally, we support creative individuals in leading arts-infused civic dialogues and changemaking initiatives by connecting them to a broader network of people, training, and resources. Nationally, we amplify impact through large-scale actions and calls for creative response, building momentum for positive social change and democratic cultural policy. We harness artists’ skills to address the issues of our day, while also nourishing the artist in all of us.