Fort Hood Report Photography Project

With 3 years of outreach at Fort Hood; more than a thousand conversations with soldiers, veterans and their families; and 31 in-depth testimonials, Operation Recovery: Fort Hood Soldiers and Veterans Testify on the Right to Heal (or ‘the Fort Hood Testimony Report’) is a hard look at what the costs of more than a decade of war have had on one of the largest military community’s in the country.

In addition to the written testimonies, a select number of portraits were also taken of the military service members to accompany the report. Betty Yu along with Drake Logan took these photographs. This report is a  part of a larger collective organizing initiative, The Right to Heal.

Ryan Holleran, U.S. Army Veteran

Cynthia Thomas (military spouse)  and her two daughters

Malachi Muncy, US Army Veteran

Paul Avett (alias name), US Army Veteran

 Killeen, Texas (home of  the largest Army Installation in the U.S. - Fort Hood Military Base)

The Fort Hood Military Base Barracks

Barracks and Tanks, Fort Hood Military Base

Boots on the ground, in the snow

Fort Hood Military Base 

Battle Cross, Fort Hood Military Base

The testimonies in the report offer a rare glimpse into the impact of multiple deployments, overmedication, stigma, as well as the subsequent increase in disciplinary infractions and discharges accompanying the military’s ‘drawdown’. And those don’t even begin to complete the picture. Accompanying the testimonials is a findings section highlighting trends identified and a recommendations section aimed squarely at the military and Congress.

Coming out of Iraq Veterans Against the War and Civilian Soldier Alliance’s campaignOperation Recovery: Stop the Deployment of Traumatized Troops, this report began through the efforts of active duty soldiers interviewing their peers to help highlight common stories in order to break a sense of isolation and hopefully to spread awareness of them. With the deep commitment and tireless work from our partners in Civilian Soldier Alliance, and Under the Hood Cafe & Outreach Center and the support of theInternational Human Rights Clinic at Harvard Law School, this report is finally a reality. Please take the time to read some of these testimonials and reflect on them.