“(Dis)Placed in Sunset Park: My Personal Story” by Betty Yu

A short film documenting the filmmakers personal story growing up in Sunset Park, Brooklyn to Chinese working class immigrant parents. She explores her own journey growing up in the 1980’s and 90’s in a neighborhood where she had friends from all backgrounds -- mainly Puerto Rican, Dominican, Chinese and European.

As New York City has experienced accelerated gentrification in the last fifteen years, working class and immigrant families are being displaced and uprooted from where they live and work. This film documents the filmmakers concerns of how the displacement of immigrant tenants will radically transform the cultural fabric and life as she’s known it for decades.

“An Unknown Home” (work-in-progress) by Betty Yu

A short documentary film about the filmmaker’s journey to her father’s hometown in Toisan, China. The filmmaker learns about her family’s roots and past through this 80 year old home.

"Letter from Wei Xui Qing" a short documentary film by Betty Yu

Description: “Letter from Wei Xui Qing” is an experimental collage short film based on the filmmaker’s vivid memories and letter from a 16-year old Chinese garment worker, Wei Xiu Qing that she met in an electronics factory compound back in 2003 during a trip to China. The short film interweaves footage shot in 2003 in the China factory compound, interviews with garment workers, footage of the filmmakers’ own family, video projections and voice-over. She connects her own family history being raised by garment workers in the U.S. to the plight and struggles of workers in China. Through the filmmakers’ own voiceover and images, she reflects on her own guilt and privilege as a Chinese-American whose parent immigrated to the U.S to provide a better life for their family. It’s through her gaze that we met, Wei Xui, the garment worker who talks about her working conditions and daily life living in a factory compound.

"Visit to Grandma" a short experimental film by Betty Yu

"Discovering My Grandfather Through Mao" a short film by Betty Yu

“Discovering My Grandfather through Mao”

“Discovering My Grandfather through Mao” is a short documentary film about my personal journey as I uncover my grandfather’s radical history as a labor organizer and co-founder of the Chinese Hand Laundry Alliance of New York (CHLA), one of the oldest Chinese-American labor organizations in this country. My grandfather, Sui Woo, a hand laundry worker came together with other workers and recognized the need for an organization that could challenge the racist and anti-Chinese policies in the 1930's. 

"Against the Grain" A short film by Betty Yu & Oluseyi

“Against the Grain” is a 6-minute documentary film that follows the story of Oluseyi, a Nigerian immigrant who is a cultural organizer, artist and graduate student undergoing testosterone therapy treatment and working to create an identity that is gender non-conforming.

This video is currently being distributed by Third World Newsreel for educational purposes. Please contact the filmmakers if you are interested in acquiring this film.

"Rising for Our Hardship: Mrs. Liao's Story" a short film by Betty Yu

"Rising from Our Hardship: Mrs. Liao's Story"

"Rising From Our Hardship, Mrs. Liao's Story" is a 20-minute documentary that follows the story of You Di Liao, a Chinese immigrant garment worker who was hospitalized after being injured on the job from working long hours for less than minimum wage.  The film captures her financial hardships that have caused family strains and problems with the loss of her income.  The documentary follows Mrs. Liao as she joins other injured workers to hold the New York State Governor Pataki accountable for anti-worker policies. This is an advocacy video that was created for a New York State Campaign to change policies in the workers compensation system.

"Asians for Black Lives" a short documentary 

A 13 minute short documentary about Asian Americans getting involved in demanding police accountability for the killing of black people. This film profiles CAAAV Organizing Asian Communities' Asian Youth in Action's activism and support of Black Lives Matter.